If there's a different style of dance we'd like to learn, can that be included? Can we choose any song / theme?

Yes!!! Every style you could think of we will teach it! We have a variety of talented instructors that specialise in that style and will make your Hens Celebration super special! Whatever song or theme you have in mind, we’ll curate the perfect dance class to match! You can be as specific as choosing the Bride’s favourite song or we can accommodate to any theme that you have - as crazy or out there it might be!

Do I/We require any previous dance knowledge/ training? We aren’t very experienced - does it matter?

No dance experience required!! It doesn’t matter your age, size, gender, whether you are a pro or think you have two left feet - we are here to just get the PARTY started! We’ll bring the boogie with an inclusive FUN dance class that brings everyone together through laughs and, of course, booty shaking! Worried about your Great Aunt busting a hip? Don’t worry, we keep our classes relaxed and causal so that participants can go as hard or as easy as they like! If anyone feels they need to take a step out they are welcome to bow out at anytime. Your dance teacher will gauge the crowd and always allow for drinks breaks if you need! We are here to fit into your celebrations in a fun and relaxed way!

Our classes are a judgement free zone. Our ultimate goal is to have you giggling whilst learning some fun new moves! 

Do I need to provide anything?

A little floor space and that is all! Your dance instructor will arrive with portable speakers and your song/music ready to go! No power or cords necessary so we can boogie wherever you fancy!

What is included in the package price?

  • Your SUPER fun expert dance instructor for one hour of FUN!

  • Bottle of bubbly prize!

  • Travel to your venue (within inner Melbourne) OR studio hire

  • Photos + Videos

If we have it at a venue / private space - how much room will be required for the lesson?

Don't stress if you don't have a huge amount of space. We do the best with what we have! We don’t need a huge amount of space to still get you shimmy-ing and dropping it like its hot! Again, our classes are to get you all loosened up and ready to tear up the dance-floor later in the night!

Can the lessons be done outdoors?

Yes of course, we often have these lessons outside in the back yard, on the deck, at wineries, rooftops and gardens! We are flexible and happy to accommodate the plans you’ve made for the day’s event! As long as there is a weather back up (undercover close by) we can definitely take your lessons inside or outside!

Are we allowed to record the session or take photos?

Snap away!! Photos and videos are fully encouraged! Towards the end of the class, your dance instructor will also take some great group shots, boomerangs and take some awesome videos of your finished routine! Did it ever really happen if you don’t have video evidence…?!

Do you have a studio?

We don’t have a studio as we are a fully mobile service BUT we can organise studio hire for you! Let us know where you will be for celebrations and we’ll try find you a studio that is local to you and all your Hens Shenanigans!

What times are you available? How far in advance do we need to book?

Our latest lesson starting time is 9pm for private venues / function spaces. The latest start times for studios are generally 6pm. Booking in advance is the easiest way to secure your preference for date and time! We do welcome last minute bookings if we are able to accomodate you.

When should the class fit into our celebrations?

The class is an excellent ice-breaker and really gets everyone into party mode! We suggest having your dance class at the beginning of your celebrations (first couple of hours) to really kick things off. Additionally everyone hasn’t had too many cheeky cocktails by then so you can still make the most out of your dance class!

What do we wear in the lesson?

Whatever the hell you bloody well want! We don’t require special attire for the dance class but we DO encourage dress ups! We understand you will most likely be doing the class in your heels and dresses ready for a night out, no need to bring a change of clothes!

Do you have discounts for extra small or extra large groups?

We cap our the class cost to $600 for very large groups of 30 or more (unless you require a second instructor). For very small groups under 10, please contact us to see how we can help!

Do you support LGBQTI Hens parties?

Absolutely! I hate that this is even a question we have to answer, but we are in full support of all parties celebrating all unions of love. We strive to make our classes fun and inclusive for absolutely everyone. Dancing for us is one big party, so the more the merrier - come groove with us!!

Can we bring our own decorations/ props to the lesson?

Yes! Usually if you are having it a bar / private home all of your props are normally set up ready to go and we just walk straight in, excited to get you all dancing! If you are hiring a studio and wanting to bring props you may need to discuss in advance hiring out the studio for a longer period of time. Normally the studio is hired for the one hour class time slot only. If you are wanting to decorate the place you would normally need to pay another one hour of hire (approx $50 for half an hour either side of the class) so that you can set up beforehand and pack down after. Please be mindful that most studios charge a hefty additional cleaning fee if you leave the room not in the same state it was found at the beginning of the hire. This fee is solely responsible of the person organising the class.

Please let us know at the time of booking if you have any requests for decorations / additional hire times at studios.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes we do. Most studios will not allow you to hire a space if you do not have Public Liability insurance, therefore we are happy to provide this when we organise studio hire for your Hens Event!

Is payment required to secure my booking?

Yes. Your payment is due in full a week before your celebration. This ensures there is nothing else to worry about on the day of the event and your all set ready to rock!


If you have ANY other questions - please do not hesitate to contact us: hens@thenextstepco.com.au