Do I need to provide anything for the lesson?

A little floor space and that is all! Your dance instructor will arrive with portable speakers and your song/music ready to go. They'll turn up with choreography prepared so that you both get the most out of the lesson. 

We encourage the ladies to wear heels (preferably the ones you will wear at your wedding or similar) so that you know that all the choreography is comfortable. If your floor isn't designed to take the heels, no sweat! Additionally guys its great to wear your wedding shoes in a bit!

How much space do we need?

Don't stress if you don't have a huge amount of space. Usually moving a little furniture is enough for us to make do. Garages are actually a really great alternative if you are concerned your lounge room is not big enough to dance in!

How many dance lessons will we need?

This is totally dependent on you. If you are under time constraints and just don't want to look clumsy or awkward a lesson or two will suffice to ensure you look and feel relaxed. If you are wanting to feel pretty confident, three or four lessons is ideal. If you are after something really special and to have that wow factor we would recommend having five or six lessons to ensure you absolutely nail it on your wedding night!

As your choreographer comes prepared and your lessons are private - you'd be surprised just how much you can get through in a one hour lesson!

Is payment required to secure my booking?

Yes. Without having paid for your dance lessons upfront we cannot secure your booking. Unfortunately with most lessons being held outside work hours and on weekends there is limited availability. As we have booked in your times, usually we have to turn away potential clients as that lesson time has been secured for yourself.

We have two left feet - will a couple of lessons really make a difference?

I promise you even one lesson will make a HUGE difference. If we can get you both on the same page with the simple things then you'll move around the floor with ease. In one lesson we can teach you some easy foot work, a few turns, a dip and even a lift if you wanted to do one! Our one off lesson is super popular and our clients rave about how one lesson made them feel 100 times more relaxed and ready to enjoy their First Dance on their wedding day!

We know you aren't professional dancers - our number one goal is to have you feeling comfortable, confident and having fun!

Do you teach all styles of dance?

Yes. Are you after a beautiful bridal waltz, a fun swing or foxtrot, a sexy salsa number or maybe a hip hop routine? Whatever you have in mind we can make your Wedding Dance dream a reality. Not sure what style you should be dancing? No problem, we'll make sure you have the right moves that suit your music and your personality. Our instructors ensure that the choreography suits you, your dress, your venue and your personalties and wedding vibe.

Can we choose our song? Can we choose multiple songs?

Yes and yes. Included in the package is music editing, if you are wanting to start with something slow and move into something quick for example we'll look after the music editing and the choreography to match.

What is included in the package price? What extras do I need to look after?

There are no extras that you need to pay. Your quoted price includes travel to your home, personalised wedding dance choreography, your private lesson, written practice notes and music editing. Once you have paid your booking amount there is nothing else you need to worry about.

Do you have a studio?

Currently we do not have studio location as all of our lessons are conducted in home and private. If you are wanting to hold your lesson at a studio you can pay an additional fee depending on what we can find closest available to you.

What times are you available? How far in advance do we need to book?

We are available all throughout the week (night and day) and Saturdays from 9am til 5pm. Sunday bookings incur a 20% fee and are available on request.

Booking in advance is the easiest way to secure your preference for date and time. Whilst we welcome all last minute bookings, we cannot guarantee we will have availability particularly through peak wedding season. Spots can fill up fast so we can book them in as far as 12 months in advance.

When should we start to have our lessons?

We recommend you have your last lesson around a fortnight out from your wedding day. Also keep in mind if your venue and yourself can coordinate a time so that we can rehearse in the space we book this in as early as possible. We would then work your dance lesson dates back from there. For example if you were having four wedding dance lessons, we would recommend you start at least six weeks outs from your wedding date, booking them in a few months prior.

What should I wear in the lesson?

Whatever you feel like! We like to keep it casual - anything that you feel comfortable in moving around and dancing (along with your heels/wedding shoes if you have already). Your instructor will be in activewear at your in-home lessons and dressed appropriately for any venue rehearsals.

Do you encourage us to rehearse at our venue?

Yes. Rehearsing in the venue makes an incredible difference. It ensures you get your bearings, have visualised the space, experience dancing on the floor and stepping out your choreography using the larger space - your overall confidence is ten times higher. You'll be ready to just relax and enjoy.