First Dance

Ash & Brice had four lessons leading up to their wedding at Riverstone Estate, Yarra Valley. They wanted something fun, light and romantic!

* * * 

Georgia & Phil had one lesson three days out from their wedding at Stones of the Yarra Valley. Already confident dancers they needed a couple of First Dance appropriate moves to impress their guests.


Eliza & Shaun had six lessons in the six weeks leading up to their wedding day at Showtime Events, South Wharf. We had a venue rehearsal three days out so that they were perfectly comfortable in the space. They wanted their First Dance to be romantic, upbeat and exciting with a great array of moves.

* * *

Josh & Rachel had just the one lesson to ensure they felt comfortable with a few moves during their First Dance. They had their lesson two weeks out from their Wedding Date. Married at Zonzo Estate, Yarra Valley - they wanted a relaxed, fun vibe.

Bachelorette Party - Dance Class

Kim's Bachelorette Party - Kim and her gals strutting their thing like Beyonce!

Michelle's Bachelorette Party - Booty-shakin Beyonce Dance Class!!


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