What To Expect From Your First Wedding Dance Lesson

So you’ve finally decided on having dance lessons! Congrats, good move! But what happens from here?

We understand dance lessons can be extremely daunting, especially for those that have never danced before! Our private lessons at home are the perfect solution for those wanting privacy, a relaxed atmosphere and a personalised experience.


Using your consultation form (sent to you prior to your first lesson) your professional instructor will customise a First Wedding Dance specifically for you and your partner using your song choice and considering many other things like the number of lessons you have, your venue set up, gown restrictions etc. Your teacher will arrive prepared with choreography so you can make the most of your time together. Upon arriving you’ll discuss things like the timing of your First Dance in regards to event formalities and any other factors that might come into play.

Some of the most commonly asked questions prior to your first lesson are answered below:

I/we have no dance experience, does that matter?

Absolutely not! In fact, majority of our clients do not have any dance experience at all! We accommodate all levels of skill and are professionals at teaching beginners. We ensure you are learning at your own comfortable pace. Remember your lesson is fully customised - our number one priority is to ensure you both feel relaxed and actually have fun!

What do I wear?

Feel free to wear something comfortable and easy to move in. Your dance instructor will be in their “active-wear” as we like to keep it relaxed!

Wearing your wedding heels (or similar) is perfect for practicing and ensuring you feel comfortable with all of the moves on the night. Guys are welcome to wear their dress shoes or anything else like runners to protect their toes from heels (especially in those first couple of lessons)!

Do we need to provide anything?

A little space is all we need. Don’t stress if you don’t have a lot of room, you’ll find we normally make do by shifting some furniture to the side! Non-carpeted floors are preferred but not essential. Remember outdoor spaces and garages are also great options.

Your dance teacher will have organised your music and bring a speaker with them.

Are we able to do a venue rehearsal?

If possible venue rehearsals are a wonderful idea, it gives you a chance to orientate yourselves before the big day. Venue rehearsals are of course subject to availability, dependent on location and time-frame. We do encourage them wherever possible, even if your teacher is not able to present.

What will we learn?

We start off slow. Usually we begin with your entrance onto the dance floor and a few simple slow few moves. As your confidence builds so does the complexity of the dance steps! Remember your lesson is completely tailored to your ability, your wedding style, your personalities, the time frame you have to learn it within and how complex you want the routine to be. We don’t believe your Wedding Dance should follow rules or be strict on style. We believe the focus of your dancing should be your connection with each other and not about perfect “technique”!

Contact us if you have any other questions. Or feel free to peruse more FAQ’s here.