What does a private dance lesson look like? Watch one of our couple's getting a lesson for their First Dance!

Here it is! We’ve had so many requests what does an actual wedding dance lesson look like with The Next Step Co… happy to share with you all a quick video of the beautiful Chev and Will learning some fun, easy moves in preparation for their wedding day. They had our ‘One & Only’ First Dance Package - one of our specialities! In this one-off 90 minute lesson we will talk you through everything from walking onto the dance floor and nailing a few smooth moves.


Before your session we will send you a consultation form so that you can let us know all the details we need to! We understand that every couple is completely different so we like to know as much about your celebration and your vision so that we can tailor the perfect dance for you and your partner.

Once you’ve booked in your private lesson…. Your instructor arrives prepared with personalised choreography ready to get stuck in straight away. During the learning process and with further discussion you work together to customise a dance that feel comfortable and suits your personalities.

In our one-off lesson you’ll learn everything from walking on, basic footwork, couple of different turns, a dip and sometimes more! Most importantly we teach how to easily lead and follow so that the dance is natural and does not look awkward or overly choreographed! We are all about that natural, effortless vibes!! We chat you through all those top tips that make all the difference in the world!


Watch The Video Below

Chev and Will wanted something fun, upbeat and casual to match their lively energy and relaxed wedding vibes. Big thank you to these legends for letting us share their private wedding dance lesson!


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