How Do You Know What The Best First Wedding Dance Song Should Be?

Choosing that perfect First Dance song can be harder than you first thought. To go slow and romantic or something fun and upbeat? Deciding between something traditional or a song special and unique to you can be a tough decision. Finding the perfect song is tricky – here are a few helpful hints to help you get you on your way.

I always recommend don’t start by looking for “the one” when you’re unsure what path you want to go down. Go through a few lists, shortlist any songs that you both really like, from there you’ll gauge what kind of style you and your partner really like. From here you can really start to hone in and do a little more research on certain artists, genres and styles that appeal to you both.

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Things you need to consider:

  • Tempo of the song. Sometimes slower songs can be a little easier to ‘fake’ your way through, especially if you aren’t the most confident of dancers. However, some couples find slow songs too serious for their personalities. Mid-tempo songs can be easy to move to and keep it light and fun (this tempo surprisingly works well for those wall-flower personalities as your guests can get into the song itself, taking a little attention away from you both). Fast songs are for those a little better prepared and a little more confident. Faster songs are more party-vibe and suit those big personalities that really love to entertain!

  • Consider what time your First Dance is scheduled for? If you are wanting the First Wedding Dance out of the way early on in the reception you can generally get away with most song choices. If you are having it at the end of the formalities and at the time of the opening of the dance floor – usually a faster song gets your guests in the mood to party and ready to join you on the dance floor – cue packed dancefloor for the rest of the night!

  • What kind of wedding have you planned? Sometimes the right song can really fit in with your theme and bring it altogether. Envision what style will suit your venue vibes. Whether that be an effortless bridal waltz gliding around your ballroom reception or a sexy salsa to suit your modern venue – your song’s personalities has to be in tune with yours and the wedding you’ve planned!

  • Your dress and shoes. Sometimes those long trains are stunning but they don’t allow for fast movements. Remember your dress will restrict you in some form or another. The more restrictive the dress – the slower your song choice should be.

  • Dance floor. Outside/grass dance floors don’t mix with fast movements (even if you choose to go runners or barefeet) – generally grass can be hard to move around so stick with something a little slower and elegant.

  • No matter what song you choose – you don’t need to play the whole song. Even the most beautifully choreographed First Dance can drag on if you use the whole five minute track. Keep it short and snappy – usually three minutes is more than enough.