7 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Wedding Dance Lessons.

Getting dance lessons for your wedding is usually the last thing on your to-do list but here is why it shouldn’t be! Awkwardly swaying for three or four minutes is not only, well, awkward but can really stunt those party vibes (and not just for you and your partner but for your guests too)! You’re both running out of time (any maybe haven’t stuck to that budget so well) but now you’re starting to stress out about everyone watching you shuffle nervously around the dance floor… is investing in dance lessons really worth it? We say hell YES! Find out below why…

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Our top 7 reasons we believe you should invest in private wedding dance lessons:

  • You and your partner will both feel one hundred times more confident after a lesson or two. Having just a handful of moves up your sleeve takes it from a boring non-event to gorgeous and fun!

  • Think of lessons as being a conversation you have together guided by your dance instructor – Taking the time to make a basic plan and have a quick practice before you dance in front of your closest family and friends is well worth leaving those nerves behind.

  • Weddings are basically one big party – don’t forget you’ll be dancing all night, not only just during your First Dance. Private lessons will have you both feeling confident, ready to dance the night away and own that dance floor (you paid a lot of money for)!

  • When a First Dance is done correctly, everyone wants to join you on the dance floor! It sets the tone and really sets off that party mood for the rest of your wedding celebrations.

  • You can use your new moves for the rest of your life not only on your wedding night. You are learning a skill you’ll have forever!

  • The planning can get stressful and tense. Dance lessons can be one of the fun activities you do together in the lead up to your big day.

  • You are not only learning steps but you are creating memories. First Dance moments are incredibly precious and ones you will treasure forever. You simply won’t regret having dance lessons.

We don’t believe you need to have twenty lessons to feel confident – every couple is unique and therefore your First Dance should reflect this. Our professional dance instructors at The Next Step Co are not only here to teach you a few appropriate steps but to ensure you both feel relaxed, comfortable, connected and ready to enjoy!